11/13/2005: Embrace

I wrap my arms
Around you gently
Pull you to my chest

Warmth envelopes me
Tensions fade
Fears drift away

Time slows
I feel comfort
I feel loved

Sweet fragrance
Locks of beautiful hair
Fill each breathe

I kiss your brow
Look to your soul
I feel the tender touch of lips

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11/13/2005: I see you, and I Smile

This poem is loving dedicated to Marie Webb. There was once a time, that when I felt I had reached the bottom, the merely seeing the person this poem is dedicated would not only lift me out of it, it made me soar.

I’m down in the dumps,
Tired and hurting,
But, I see you
And I smile
Just to see you smile back

I’m on the go
Busier than I’d like to be
But, I see you
And I smile
Just to see you smile back

I’ve got no reason to be happy
Nothing worth smiling about
But, I see you
And I smile
Just to see you smile back

Your smile makes my heart sing
It makes the pains go away
Makes things feel like there standing still
So every time I see you
I smile, because I know you’ll smile back

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11/10/2005: Detached

I look but I do not see
I listen but I do not hear
I touch but I do not feel

Proceeding without purpose
Incoherent events passing
Detached from being

Isolated within
No control
No meaning

Searching . . . always
Wanting desire

Carefree passage
Questioning not the future

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11/08/2005: The Noise Of Silence

Blazing noise
Fire burning in my ears
Head screaming with pain
The noise, the noise of silence

It rips at the very fabric of my body
Entraps my soul
My body and soul tormented
By the noise, the noise of silence

Time stands still
Fueling the noise
Festering the pain
The pain of the noise

Suddenly the noise
Eyes focus, the pain gone

Blue and white swirls
A shining warmth comforts
Bird songs on the wind
I am set free from the noise, the noise of silence

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11/05/2005: There is only here, there is only now … When I am with you

This poem is lovingly dedicated to Marie Webb. It was written around the time when we first started to get to know each other. It was a very good time for me and I believe her as well. I often think about those times, as we have went our separate ways...

Time slips by
The world turns on
There is only here
There is only now

Every thing fades out
No worries or concerns
There is only here
There is only now

Conversation fills the room
Emotions run wild
There is only here
There is only now

Burdens are lifted
Calmness arrives
There is only here
There is only now

Happiness and joy
Understanding and compassion
There is only here
There is only now

There is only here
There is only now
…When I am with you

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11/04/2005: What is a Dream?

What is a dream?
Am I having one now
Or do I find myself awake
What a question

To be having one
Such a delight to awake soon
To be rid of the fear
To be sure again

To have had
What a delight
I shall soon fall asleep
To be happy once more

If only it were that simple
To have had, or to be having
A dream that is
For a dream is merely a passing of time

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11/04/2005: Finding Peace

Scared and lost
Confusing emotions
Seeking understanding
Finding peace

Overcoming hurtles
Rising to challenges
Moving forward
Finding peace

Ramped emotions
Battles of misunderstanding
Sleepless nights
Finding peace

Finding peace
A difficult path
Finding peace
Choices to be made

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