11/13/2005: Site Work

If you notice anything wierd on the site. It's mostly the result of me working to add additional features and update the design as I see fit. This will be a process that you'll notice every once in awhile as I find something interest or have time to work on development.

Oh, if you happen to notice something in French, please post a comment here as to where you saw it. I've done my best in attempting to locate the phrases in French so that I can translate them to English, but I seem to stumble on to some now and again.

11/04/2005: Welcome

Welcome to my new site. I have decided after much debate that it was time to publish my poetic works online. I invite you to read and comment on them and maybe learn a little about who I am. Most of my poems are based on my feelings, I use them as a form of expression. I hope you enjoy this site and the works contained in it.

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