11/08/2005: The Noise Of Silence

Blazing noise
Fire burning in my ears
Head screaming with pain
The noise, the noise of silence

It rips at the very fabric of my body
Entraps my soul
My body and soul tormented
By the noise, the noise of silence

Time stands still
Fueling the noise
Festering the pain
The pain of the noise

Suddenly the noise
Eyes focus, the pain gone

Blue and white swirls
A shining warmth comforts
Bird songs on the wind
I am set free from the noise, the noise of silence

This was a poem I wrote a long time ago. I'm not even sure when exactly I wrote it at this point. I think the poem really speaks for itself.

Comments made

Wow--I love this!!

The detail mixed with the vivid-yet confused-explanation of the events is wonderful *^_^*

It's like I can almost see it :)
05/31/2006 23:54:54
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