05/26/2007: A Simple Saying

This is just a simple poem, the idea came to me a few weeks ago and kinda stuck. I got some feedback from some friend and delayed posting it here because I didn't want it to be confused with something else that was going on with my life.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

I long to hear
The words I fear
So simple a saying
So powerful a meaning

A light in the dark
A lurking shadow
Three little words
Used with meaning, Abused for gain

I long to hear
The words I fear
A simply saying
“I love you”

05/07/2007: Poem in Memory of My Grandmother

This is the poem I created to honor my grandmother and I read at her funeral May 7th, 2007. A copy of her obituary is in the expand view.

(Update 5-13-2007)
I have decided to upload a PDF formated version of the poem for those of you interested in having a printed copy: (untitled_)Jonathan_Chambers.pdf.

Wife, Mother, Grandmother
Family and Friend
Inspiration and Role Model

Kind, Caring, Loving
Compassionate and Outgoing
Passionate and Focused

Close in heart and memory
Miss you we will
Forget you we shall not

We say not goodbye
But wait in peace
And keep watch over us

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